Website Marketing Opportunities

New Websites

We excel at building new websites. If your plan calls for a custom design or a small budget, we will work with you to build the best possible strategy to achieve the desired results. You can look at some of our work here. Contact us to start a conversation about your new website: 520-488-7999.

Website Packet for Pregnancy Centers

Visibility Plan

Online marketing should start with an intelligent plan based on your unique audience and vision.

There are a lot of online marketing options. Many go unnoticed and unused. It’s hard to know what you don’t know.

Working with hundreds of organizations has equipped us with the right knowledge to draft your unique plan.

Our Visibility Plans are built to be flexible and adaptable based on your unique goals and budget.

Visibility Plan Introduction

Google Adwords Grant

A $10,000 per month grant is an exciting amount of google dollars to reach a nation of people looking for you.

google adwords grant opportunityGoogle has generously offered $10,000 of grant money to nonprofit organizations.

We can help you obtain this grant and spend it wisely and efficiently through top notch google adwords work.

We would be glad to help you and your board understand this awesome opportunity and how it can help you reach your mission.

You can reach our sales team at 520-488-7999.

Google Grant Introduction

Sign up for our webinar about the Google Adwords Grant.

Google Adwords

We have top notch experts on our team who can make your google adwords account out perform the competition by several notches. Our ability to setup and run a google adwords account is at the highest caliber. Our team includes people who previously worked at Google and are Google certified. We are able to use insider skills to build out and maintain an adwords account and take advantage of unique advantages that are typically only found within internal Google team toolbelts.

google adwords opportunityWe would enjoy the opportunity to chat with you about how we can help you get found - and how we can drive serious leads to your website.

You will be excited to see the progress we can make for you.

Google Adwords Introduction

Stock Photo Purchases

Breaking up your content with photos can be very important to give your viewers a rest for their eyes. Photographs can be such a good tool to help convey the context of your information, as well. When you build a new website with us or purchase one of our content creation packages, we include the purchase of stock photos to use within your website. Anyone insterested can purchase additional photos at $10 each. All purchased stock photos may be used on a website or in marketing materials, but may not be used in items that are sold (based on the license agreement).

Please contact us today if you are inetersted in purchasing some stock photos. If you'd like to browse our selection, click here

NEW Infographics

Communicating with visual people who prefer to look at visual elements more so than paragraphs of text is where infographics can save the day.

Infographics are great content for social media sites like Facebook, websites, blogs, and so on. An infographic can help you explain any sort of content and increase how interesting the content is to look at for those who are visual learners in your audience.

An infographic can take the message of a page and reiterate it in a way that keeps someone intrigued and connected as they absorb the message contained within.

Meet Jeremy Lefevre, our infographic expert. Jeremy has a background in journalism, writing and excels at explaining big ideas in an easy to understand format.

Jeremy can take a page of content and create a visual story through an infographic that bolsters the existing message within a page of content.

We have an exciting introductory price of $100 for an infographic even if the infographic takes us several hours to create. This offer of $100 is for a limited time. Please contact us at 520-488-7999 to hear how an infographic can help you communicate your message better.

Here is an info graphic for the current page:

Crafting Title Tags

website title tag codeTitle tags are one of the most important parts of a webpage as they are normally used by Google as the title of a search result and will often determine whether a user visits your website or not.

We are skilled at writing title tags to meet your marketing goals while adhering to industry standards that call for integrity. The price for one of our team members to generate title tags is $20 per page.

Contact us to hear more about the benefits of a well written title tag.

Website Content Audit

After your website has been online for a few months, it is time to audit it and look for all of the opportunities to improve it. We are very skilled at looking for opportunities to improve a website and we can clearly explain why each change would reasonably result in an improvement to your website.

website opportunity With a website content audit, we can help you locate opportunities to refine and improve your current website based on what you are trying to accomplish with your target audience.

The results of a content audit will provide you with a list of ideas that you can consider having work through to fine tune your website.

A few common findings include website code that is not compatible with top internet browsers or content that is not working toward helping you achieve your goals.

After the website content audit, we can provide a proposal for fixing all of the problems and working on the opportunities for improvement.

Our hourly rate is $100 per hour. A content audit normally takes less than an 1 hour per page.

Meet Jacob Barr our seasoned website auditor. Jacob has a passion for marketing and business and excels at looking for improvement opportunities on a website.

Contact our sales team at 520-488-7999 to request a content audit on your website.

Article Creation

Creating new content for your website website content creationdemonstrates that you are an expert in your field.

Adding new content to your website allows google to index your website and connect you to the phrases contained within your article. If you want to be found on Google, content creation needs to be part of the plan.

Meet Bill Ackerley our seasoned copywriter.

Bill excels at crafting high quality content. When Bill create content for you, he will interview someone on your team so we may quote you in the article. This allows us to treat you as the expert in your field and craft interesting content that your target audience is craving to find.

If you are interested in exploring what it would look like for to craft new content for you regularly, we will gladly show you relevant examples of our work and talk with you about your options. Pick up the phone - lets talk.

Social Media Posts

Social media is an excellent way for someone to see new ideas and for someone to build a first impression of your company.

social mediaWe can help you craft high quality posts and schedule these posts to go out at the desired interval to keep your social media accounts active.

Our team includes a social media expert who thrives at creating beautiful social media content.

We would like to understand how often you would like to have posts published and which social media platforms you would like to use. Once we have an idea of what you need, we can provide you with a plan along with a proposal for us to work for you. Give us a call to talk about what we can do for you.

Video Production

Video are excellent content and can help your audience understand what you are trying to say quickly and effectively. Video content allows for body language and audible tones to help communicate the desired message. When speaking on video emphasis can be placed on the appropriate words to make the message clear.

Website Video CreationWe can help you communicate better with video.

Our professional video production team includes a seasoned videographer, high-end video equipment, a professional video editor, a professional lighting expert with several professional light kits, a makeup artist, support grips, professional actors and actresses, professional voice talent, an expert copywriter and a director to bring everything together to produce a video that captures your vision.

We would enjoy talking to you about the details of your idea so we can share in your enthusiasm and get your new video project underway. Call us at 520-488-7999 to start the conversation.