We want to help pregnancy centers reach clients, help churches communicate Jesus' love, and help businesses & organizations grow.


Since 2000, we've been building websites, writing content and designing messages - to make a difference.


Jacob Barr

Creative Marketing Expert - Founder and CEO

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Website Team

Tanya Ruiz

Office Administrator & Website Team Support

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Joe Lino Murillo

Website Specialist

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Visibility Plan Team

Isaac Ruiz

VP Account Manager

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Victor Lennartz

VP Account Manager

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Rudy Martinez

VP Account Manager

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Heather Barr

Google Ads Specialist


VP Account Manager


Creative Team

Heidi Larson

Content Creator

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Mike Rutledge

Graphic Design

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Bill Ackerley

Expert Writer & Videographer

Jeremy Lefevre

Infographics Expert

Garrett Moldrem

Creative Media Producer

Tammy Pérez

Freelance Spanish Translator

Derek Samms

Freelance Writer

Norma Grove

Freelance Writer

Angie Bell

Freelance Writer

Sydney Shrimpton

Freelance Writer