We want to help pregnancy centers reach clients, help churches communicate Jesus' love, and help businesses & organizations grow.


Since 2000, we've been building websites, writing content and designing messages - to make a difference.


Jacob Barr

Creative Marketing Expert - Founder and CEO

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Project Development

Tanya Ruiz

Office Administrator & Accounts Manager

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Joe Lino Murillo

Design & Content Specialist

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Tony Smith

Project Developer

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Josias Fierro

Digital Media Specialist

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Visibility Plan Team

Isaac Ruiz

VP Customer Experience Manager

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Alexis Olson

Visibility Plan Manager

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Matthew Bustamante

Visibility Plan Specialist

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Heather Barr

Google Ads Expert

Content Creation

Bill Ackerley

Expert Writer & Videographer

Jeremy Lefevre

Infographics Expert

Garrett Moldrem

Creative Media Producer

Paula Paine

Freelance Content Creator

Derek Samms

Freelance Content Creator

Kyleigh Bakker

Actress Extraordinaire