Google Ads Grant

Google has generously offered $10,000 per month of Google Ads Grant money to nonprofit organizations.

A $10,000 per month grant is an exciting amount of Google dollars to reach a nation of people looking for you.

We can help you obtain this grant and spend it wisely and efficiently through top notch Google Ads work.

We would be glad to help you and your board understand this awesome opportunity and how it can help you reach your mission.

You can reach our sales team at 877-488-7999.

View the Google Grant Introduction (PDF)


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Google Ads

We have top notch experts on our team who can make your Google AdWords account out perform the competition by several notches. Our ability to setup and run a Google AdWords account is at the highest caliber. Our team includes people who are Google certified.

We would enjoy the opportunity to chat with you about how we can help you get found - and how we can drive serious leads to your website.

You will be excited to see the progress we can make for you.

Google Ads Introduction (PDF)

Google Ads Grant Services are Packaged in Visibility Plans

Google Ads Grant Interest Form

Google Ads Grant Interest Form