Our clients love us!

Thank you for all of your wisdom over there at iRapture! We really appreciate you all!!

Erin Koolhaas, Client Services Director

Thank you for all the hard work! You have been amazing!

Tiffany Silton, Clinic Manager

Thank you Tanya for taking the time to do this in such a speedy fashion! Thank you Jacob for helping us to be successful at PCC!

I sure appreciate all the work you have done for us over the years.

What a blessing you are to many people.

God Bless

We have loved our experience with iRapture. Many of our donors have commented on how professional our website looks. Our clients find it easy to navigate, modern in appearance and welcoming. We have appreciated how quickly iRapture responds with support questions.

Thank you! Tanya has been great to work with.

Julia Burnier, Director

Thank you again! It's been so awesome to work with your team! Merry Christmas!

Love it, thank you!

Andrea Donaldson, Executive Coordinator

I love the websites! Thank you for working so hard and quickly.

Jan McDonald, CEO

You are a wizard. Thank you! ;)

Missy McFadden

iRapture is a wonderful company to work with and we are very happy with our new donor website. Jacob and his team created the website quickly, had great design ideas, and were very responsive to our needs and to last minute changes. And the ongoing support from iRapture has been amazing - such a refreshing change from our prior hosting company!! I cannot recommend them enough.

Barb Garlich

Wow, you rock. Thank you!

You are a good person and do great work. Your kindness will always be remembered.

Regina Brown

Thanks for everything...

Thanks so much, I have to learn to understand all those sophisticated words (jungle mangle to me.) I am glad I can count on you.

Mechtild Grothues, Executive Director

Hey Jacob - appreciate all you folks do at iRapture

Linda Griffiths Trask, Executive Director

Thanks, so much, Jacob. I learned soooo much yesterday! We are ready to go to work!

Carol Livingston

I've been extremely impressed with the job you & Tony have done with our donor website... Thank you! You guys have been a huge blessing to us!

Andrea Donaldson, Executive Coordinator

Jacob, I hope all is well! I just want to send you a brief note to thank you for exhibiting at the 2016 Care Net Conference. God truly blessed us at the event and I am thankful to God that He also used your important work as part of this. Indeed, you enable the front line pregnancy center staff to offer compassion, hope and help to the many clients they serve. No doubt, your efforts help them save lives for an eternity. Amen!

Roland C. Warren

Awesome…thanks so much Jacob!!

Edmund P. Pfleger

Thank you Jacob, You do a great job helping centers. Thank you for all you do!

Jennifer MacDonald

Looks great!

Gregory Rachuy

Thank you Jake! Class act organization as has been for the last 12 years with us. Thank you so much!

I met Jacob and Jeremy years ago while I was working in the pregnancy center ministry. I was impressed by their knowledge of web hosting and their desire to connect clients to Pregnancy Centers throughout their perspective markets. I kept their business card for years.... January of 2014 we began the process of opening a small business, from the ground up.

Start up business or any small business, we knew we live in a world that is connected. For optimal success, we again knew our new business required an online presence and an the development of an ecommerce cart. We called irapture!

After one call we were on our way. The guys talked with us regarding ideas for web design, layout, logo, fonts, time frames, costs, and customer and technical support.

Results have been beyond our expectation.

Irapture has proven themselves to be timely in tasking, conveniently accessible, trustworthy, and have great customer support.

If we can summarize our experience with irapture, it would be in two words: Results and integrity. Many thanks to the irapture team for their expertise.

Neal Johnson, Papa Hoo's Popcorn

Neal Johnson

Jacob I am so grateful for your wonderful service.

(Edited for length) I wanted to express my appreciation for your company and for those who represent you. Late last month our email went down and I was not able to access my email account for close to a week. I was directed to contact your company for assistance and when I did, Tanya was not only very helpful, but professional and extremely pleasant to work with. I was very impressed by her promptness to resolve the matter. She took on my problem as if it was her own. She took the time to work long and hard to assist me. So again, I just want to say thank you and commend Tanya for the quality customer service she displayed. I wanted to take the time to let you know that she represents you and your company well.

I appreciate all that you guys do. You can work on my computer any time!