Father and Daughter From Tucson Give Presentations

Kaylie Barr (13) and her father Jacob have each been selected to give “TED-style” presentations at the 2015 CARE NET National Conference in San Diego, California the second week of September. “My daughter and I both decided to apply to be presenters,” said Jacob. “It is really cool we were both selected to talk before such a big crowd.” Kaylie, an eighth grader at Pusch Ridge Christian Academy, will give a presentation about Instagram. “I am going to explain to the older people attending the conference why the on-line photo and video sharing service is important to kids my age,” said Kaylie. “My friends and I share photos almost everyday.”

Kaylie’s father, Jacob, is the owner of iRapture.com, a website development and hosting company in Tucson. His presentation is about creating audience centric content for websites. “It is important to know your audience, what he or she craves, then create content to help them get what they want based on your goals,” said Jacob. “I could talk for hours on the subject so I have been working hard to trim my presentation down to the allocated ten minutes.”

Care Net is a Christian pregnancy organization headquartered in Northern Virginia and is the nation’s largest affiliation network of pregnancy centers. The 2015 CARE NET National Conference is designed to equip and encourage all who are engaged in Life Affirming organizations and ministries.

The NET (News, Education & Truth) Talks, patterned after the popular TED Talks, are short and concise dialogues to help spark conversations, spread creative ideas, and speak truths in business and ministry. Jacob is scheduled to present the first ever NET Talk, as this is a new feature for the annual conference.

“When I saw the impressive list of NET Talk presenters I asked if I could go first,” said Jacob.

iRapture.com is a website development and hosting company located in Tucson. Jacob Barr founded the company on January 1, 2000, and has help developed over three hundred websites for pregnancy centers across the United States of America. “The name, iRapture.com, was chosen to keep God first,” said Jacob. “Today we benefit tremendously from the business name because it attracts other like-minded businesses and organizations of integrity.”

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Bill Ackerley
Bill Ackerley is iRapture.com’s Lead Writer and Videographer.
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