Not One Life Forgotten

This song and video were created to honor the heroes who work at pregnancy help centers across the country in the movement working to save lives. Please enjoy and share with others! Not One Life Forgotten Song Lyrics: To Bring … Continued

Danger – Danger – Dated Content

“Writing this blog article reminded me to ask Jeremy and Sherry for their photos, again.” – Jacob Barr Everyone knows what dated content is. It’s a summer sale in winter. It’s a bio of someone who no longer works for … Continued

Busy Blogs Build Business

If your blog stays the same, repeat visitors may think there is not much going on. Adding new conent to your blog will help encourage people to come back. A good change to make at least every month is to … Continued

Talking About The Best Recipe for Baked Alaska

“This is the best recipe for Baked Alaska!” – Jacob Barr When I needed a recipe for Baked Alaska, I asked my Uncle Char. Uncle Char grinned and pulled out our old family recipe book. He flipped through a couple … Continued

Content First Strategy

Someone can craft the content first and then design the website layout to compliment the contents instead of building a website that will need an unknown amount of content to fit within a prebuilt box, that may be built to … Continued