Expert Advice on Pregnancy Clinic Marketing

Reaching Abortion Vulnerable Clients

The importance of reaching the abortion-vulnerable client can be measured in the number of lives saved, the number of lives healed, and the number of lives connected to Jesus.

The importance of this work is nothing shy of heroic by literally saving lives, restoring lives, and redeeming lives, saving people from the destruction of abortion, providing pathways for healing for those who have experienced the destruction of abortion, and connecting people with Jesus, the source of life and hope. 

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Abortion Minded Woman Feeling Hope and Warmth

Reaching the Client at Risk of Choosing Abortion

Pregnancy Clinic Marketing

Pregnancy clinic marketing is made up of client marketing and donor marketing. The mission involves reaching the abortion-vulnerable client and sustaining and growing the ability to reach our primary audience. We have a secondary audience, which is to build support from the like-minded community.

Understanding the Role that Google Plays in Pregnancy Clinic Marketing

This blog post will focus on Google as the key strategy for reaching the abortion-vulnerable audience. Out of all the different tactics and strategies available for reaching a group, Google is at the top of the importance in today’s culture and for the audience who is to be reached.

woman considering abortion and needing hope

Understanding the Abortion Vulnerable Client

Who is the Client at Risk of Choosing Abortion

Understanding the Abortion Vulnerable Client. There are a lot of scenarios where a woman or a couple may be seeking an abortion. But the key is to focus on the fact that they might search for an abortion, or they are searching for an abortion, and that there are certain services that they need, such as finding out if they are really pregnant with a pregnancy confirmation.

The Challenges Do AV/AM (Abortion Vulnerable/Abortion Minded) Clients Face

They’re looking for information about abortion. They’re looking to schedule an abortion. And so, we want to understand that our client, that our audience is on the road to an abortion clinic, doing online searches, collecting information, and being marketed to by the opposition, the abortion clinics. So, I would define the abortion-vulnerable client as someone who may be pregnant and has been a victim of the abortion clinic’s cultural attack of saying, you’re not ready to be a parent.  And that’s a very wide paintbrush covering a large area. 

The abortion-vulnerable client will face a variety of challenges, such as pressure from society, saying, they have no choice. If you go forward with a pregnancy, you won’t have a future. There are major mental and spiritual attacks at play here. 

Providing Critical Care and Authentic Support to Abortion Minded Clients

Pregnancy clinics are amazing at providing mental support and physical needs support by providing counsel, encouragement, resources, education, and baby supplies like diapers, formula, and clothes. Pregnancy clinics are really good at providing support and guidance to help someone make a healthy decision that they will cherish and be proud of and be willing to look back and feel really good about the choice they made. And for those who chose abortion, pregnancy clinics are really good at helping invite that woman into healing and into a better direction to not have repeat abortions. And for the women who have had repeat abortions, again, pregnancy clinics are really good at inviting that woman into healing and into a better direction to cease having repeat abortions in the future and to offer that woman an incredible amount of grace and healing that’s provided through Jesus.

searching google for unplanned pregnancy help

Understand the Power of Google for the Reaching Abortion Vulnerable Client

Why Google is a Valuable Platform for Marketing to the AV/AM Audience

Clarity: AV/AM stands for Abortion Vulnerable / Abortion Minded

Words are powerful. Thoughts, ideas, messages – these are tools for providing information, and direction, and they can be used for good or for evil. There are a lot of different marketing vehicles. Words on paper. Words on a device. Words on the radio. Words conveyed through imagery. Words conveyed through video. Words conveyed through an experience. Words can be conveyed through a smell. Through a touch. Through a place. Words are how we describe many different things. One thing that words often fall short of – is emotion. Emotion is something that we feel and it’s really hard to describe it with words.

Sometimes emotions are hard to define with specificity. They are something we sense, but sometimes it’s hard to convey or understand what we’re feeling. Marketing uses emotion, words, and trust to influence people everywhere – all the time. YouTube. Google. TV. Social media. Newspapers. Billboards. Signage. Word of mouth.  Someone you trust. A doctor’s opinion.

I’m here to tell you that the most important place to be found is currently on Google.

There are a lot of options on where you can put your resources and your work to craft beautiful messages and designs, in order to influence people. The number one place to make sure that you are present – is Google. Period. No question (in early 2024 at least).

Google Has Top-Level AV/AM Traffic Because Women Trust Google For Answers to Pregnancy/Abortion Questions

Based on my experience and information – Google passed word of mouth in 2011 (on a PHC intake form for the first time). Word of mouth used to be the king of how people would find out about something. No longer. Word of mouth is now number two. Second to the new top vehicle for reaching an audience, an audience who is seeking an answer to a question. That would be Google.

If you’re looking to sell something, the top place to be is Amazon. If you’re looking to find an answer, Google is there to provide it. More than 12 years ago, a friend, a neighbor, or a doctor was more likely to provide direction to someone on what they should do, where they should eat, and what the answer might be. Today, that’s not true. Today, it’s Google. And so I want you to know how important and valuable it is to be found on the top performing vehicle. To keep it short, it’s the most important place to currently be, because you get the highest yield from the largest pool (of people)  available, because they have the most market share for people looking for answers. Period. No question (at this point). This is very clear.

People use Google for information and to discover answers in regards to pregnancy. In regards to ‘am I pregnant’. In regards to ‘How soon can I take a pregnancy test and have it be accurate’, ‘How soon can I tell if I’m pregnant’, and ‘What are the early signs of pregnancy’ – It’s important to be on Google for the phrases that your audience is searching when they enter into the journey when we want to connect with them. And if someone’s on their road to an abortion clinic, we want to find them early on in that road, early in that journey.

Preferably before they’re pregnant. But as soon as they think they might be pregnant, connecting with them during the ‘signs and symptoms’ and ‘am I pregnant’ stage is better than connecting with them at the I’m ‘looking for an abortion clinic’, ‘I’m looking to get directions to the nearest abortion clinic’, ‘I’m looking to schedule an abortion at the local neighboring abortion clinic’, ‘I’m looking to travel to the neighboring state to find the closest abortion clinic’ stage. It’s better to reach that person when they’re thinking, “am I pregnant?”.

And again, it’s better to reach them before then. But at the same time, it’s better to reach that person when they’re seeking, ‘am I pregnant?’ and before they start to seek ‘where is the nearest abortion clinic and what are the hours of operation’. I just want to highlight that you can reach your audience on Google. And if you’re visible on Google, then you’re going to save lives. You can reach the young woman who did not ask a friend, that did not ask a professional, that did not see a billboard, that did not listen to the radio, that did not watch broadcast TV or cable TV, or did not see the YouTube pre-roll, or that did not connect with your brand on social media. I want you to know that being on Google will allow you to reach people when they’re seeking an answer, when they have a problem. Trying to reach them before they have a problem is pretty hard when your entire model is built around providing a solution when a problem exists.

Someone is not interested in a pregnancy clinic before they think, ‘I might be pregnant’. When there’s no chance they might be pregnant, there’s no concern, no interest in a pregnancy clinic. Why would there be? But as soon as someone thinks, oh, I might be pregnant. What do I do? Maybe I should get an abortion. That’s a very critical time to connect in those hours. 

website optimization seo

Website Optimization for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your website for Google search

Your website can be optimized for Google search. First of all, having a website built on a platform that allows you to customize code is important for doing certain steps – in order to communicate with Google and search engines about your content through meta tags, title tags, alt tags, schemas, formatting, etc.  

If you’re building your website on a platform that does not allow you to edit the code, how are you going to do certain steps? Are you even aware that certain steps are important and that they exist? So first of all, work with someone who builds websites –  where the builder is actually a website developer and not by a WYSIWYG user (WYSIWYG stands for What you see is what you get), a wizard user (a wizard is a series of forms used to build a website) or one that’s built to be made by someone who doesn’t know how to build websites.  What do you expect if you get a website built by someone who doesn’t know how to build a website? Well, you’re going to get something that’s missing parts.  You’re going to get something that’s missing really important key options. Secondly, the content on your site is more important than the design for showing up on Google. The user experience and the content trump the design and development of a website. And you need to have content that is going to answer the question that your audience is looking for and that your audience will enjoy finding, connecting with, and trusting.

Oh, trust is so important. 

Having citations, and authoritative, authentic, truth-filled content will allow you to succeed in the long term. Not having AI-written content, but having human-written, unique, high-quality content that includes ideas that are not commonly known, and that have not been written before. And that’s the human-written element because AI content is lame, redundant, copied, overplayed, recycled, and sad. You need to have content that’s informative, engaging, helpful, truthful, creative, amazing, and timely. Work with content creators to make amazing content that people want to find and that they are happy they found it – after they find it.  Make content that’s amazing.

Targeted Marketing with Google Ads

Targeted Marketing Using Google Ads

An excellent marketing plan will use the best tools. If you’re trying to hammer a nail, the best tool is pretty obvious. It’s a hammer. If you’re trying to screw a screw into a piece of wood, a screwdriver is an excellent tool to use. If you’re trying to reach your target audience in today’s world, Google is the best tool. It’s not as simple as a hammer or a screwdriver. In fact, it’s very complicated. It’s huge. It’s vast. It’s got lots of pieces. It’s got lots of elements. And it takes a lot of work to use. But just know, it’s important. And that’s the place to spend your time and effort, more so than in other areas. That’s the basket to double up on the eggs. I’m not saying to put all your eggs in one basket, but don’t just put one egg in ‘the abortion-targeted keyword searching, finding people online through Google’ basket. I want to encourage you to put several eggs in this basket. Maybe not all of them, but a lot of them. When it comes to Google, there are several different parts of Google. Google ads, Google organic search results, Google My Business and specialized results, local results with a map using local SEO, and more including special search results like extensions, site-links. I would like to encourage you to put effort into a variety of these different places. The organic pay-per-click, the pay-per-click cash side, the pay-per-click grant side, and the local SEO area, including review work and local map/directory work.

When it comes to making Google ads, it’s also important to consider the ad copy in regard to how it looks, how it reads, what it conveys, and how it connects with the intent that would be connected with the key phrase that someone uses. If someone has a key phrase with a certain intent, it’s good for the ad to match that intent, and it’s good for the landing page to also match that intent. And for all three of those pieces, keywords, landing page, and ad, to also be considered high quality according to Google’s algorithms, and that translates into working towards being recognized as having high-quality content and a high-quality ad setup.

Making high-quality pieces requires someone who is a good wordsmith, dedicated and passionate about the work that they’re doing to reach your audience at the right time, in the right way, and to drive them to the desired action that’s going to be helpful and healthy for the remainder of their life, and ultimately connect them with Jesus.

Local SEO

Leveraging Google My Business for Branded Searches & Local Map Search Results

Google My Business is Important for Pregnancy Clinics

Completing your Google My Business account will allow for your organization to show up when someone searches for you by brand name, or by a key phrase that your organization “owns” to the point where it’s not available anymore. Your organization owns it when it shows your Google My Business profile on the side because the search phrases are so closely tied to your brand. So having your Google My Business account completed, enhanced, refreshed, and cared for is important in order to show relevant, helpful content more often to the desired audience, especially when they start to search for you by brand name. Having your pregnancy clinic Google My Business profile completed will allow someone to find you,  your hours of operation, your reviews and pictures of your team, pictures of your lobby, and pictures of the signage and office photos when they search for your brand.

And that is important. I want to emphasize that having good photos is part of this effort. Having good reviews is critical.  Listing your hours of operation and address is important because that’s how people know when to come and where to go. The pictures help them identify the front of your building. The reviews help them build confidence that they will be treated well. All of these pieces work to provide service and care to the audience you want to take care of and love. 

In order to increase your visibility in the local search portion of Google, it’s good to have several business directory listings that include your business information perfectly. Where you have the same phone number in every single listing, you have your address in every listing spelled the exact same way. Your business name is always spelled the same way in every directory. The pieces in play are consistently used the same way in every directory.

And you have good reviews. This will help you show up when someone searches for a local service and you’re in the running to show up in the map results for that county, that city, or zip code.

woman excited over awesome content

Talking About Engaging, Epic Content

My oh my. Content, content, content.

Content is so important.  

Content is so important. Having content that is interesting to read, colorful, full of imagery, video, infographics, formatting and for your target audience that helps them satisfy their itch – helps them answer their question. It needs to help them relieve their pain. It needs helps them schedule an appointment.

Relevant Content that Resonates

Creating content is absolutely key. If you don’t create content, your website will fail. If you do create amazing content or have amazing content added to your site, your website can do well. At, we have crafted dozens, dozens and dozens of amazing articles that are built to show up high on Google with infographics, video, formatting, SEO, Spanish translations, and social media posts. We’ve created more than 50 content packages that are built to succeed, and that are built to reach your audience. We have poured thousands of hours. Thousands of hours into this work. We have poured 50 hours into some projects. We have poured 80 hours into some projects. We have poured more than 100 hours into some of these projects.

Making all of these elements with the research, the data, the wordsmithing, the citations, the graphic design, the videography, recording, audio, video, making animations… all of this takes a lot of time.

The Easiest & Best Content Creation Tip for Pregnancy Clinics

The cool thing is, is that it works. It really does. And it’s really exciting to see, to see how people spend five minutes on some of our pages. That’s pretty awesome. I’d like to provide a few tips on creating educational articles, blog posts and videos. And that is … use because we’ve already created amazing educational articles, blog posts and videos. It’s simple. We’ve already built these pieces and they are ready for you to use.  We are continuing to build more and you can get access to these too.  Contact us, hire us, use our expertise and don’t recreate the wheel because it’s here. It’s ready and it’s polished. It’s ready to go.

trustworthy website content

Authentic Trust | A Google Search Ranking Signal

Building Trust / Credibility

According to Google, one of the search ranking variables that they look at – is the trustworthiness of an article, of the content and of the citations. And the reason why that’s important to Google is because they have done research into the fact that people want content that they can trust, which makes sense, right? 

Don’t you want content that you trust and you don’t want content that is untrustworthy? 

The opposition goes after our integrity and trustworthiness. And the reason why they do that is because it really does do damage to the audience’s perception of who we are and if we’re trustworthy. 

The truth is, is that pregnancy clinics have integrity, that they are honest and that they do care for clients deeply, very deeply. And so we need to do work to support the reality and truth of the deep, true care that we have for clients. We need to voice and communicate how we are trustworthy, how we use citations that we are authoritative on the topic. That we are above board, that we don’t use black hat tactics, that we don’t use dishonesty/manipulative tactics, that we don’t use lies.

Reviews Count

We need to be vocal and describe how we are being truthful, because the opposition is attacking and  we don’t have the luxury of relaxing in this area. We need to be vocal on providing evidence and links to medical research that supports any/all medical statement, every medical claim. It’s very important to be found trustworthy, authentic, transparent, open, honest, friendly, and helpful. Authenticity and honesty are very important to be ‘considered’ and ‘to be marked as’. Authenticity and trustworthiness are pillars in who we are and we should be willing to communicate and express this in ways that make sense to our audience. It’s one way to show our credibility and trustworthiness is to show testimonials, to have good reviews, to share success stories and client reviews, and to ask clients to write reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other review sites. 

Fake Reviews

Reviews is how people can see what others think of us as a way of reflecting who we are. And to clean up fake reviews is part of that as well. It’s important to maintain a professional and compassionate online presence. Being found as someone trustworthy, who cares, is part of having a strong brand – someone who will be considered when needed.

Sometimes we’ll get to make that impression years before someone needs us or ‘has the opportunity to refer someone to us’. So, maintaining a professional, compassionate online presence will support clients coming to us and being referred to us into the long-term future.

Social Media

Marketing Tactics | Direct v Branding – Short-term v Long-term

When it comes to prolife/pregnancy-clinic marketing, there’s two types of marketing, direct and branding. Branding. Direct marketing is what Google does. Essentially, we’re showing up at the moment someone needs us as a way of driving traffic based on a need. Branding is very different. We’re trying to convey who we are, build a relationship, and be considered down the road when a need arises.

They’re very different. It’s almost as different as push versus pull. 

Pull v Push

Pull is closer to direct or Google marketing, where someone does a search and we happen to show up at the right time with the right piece. We’re getting pulled in. Social media is more of a push. Social media is more like branding work that gets pushed into someone’s feed. The push means we’re pushing ourselves into someone’s feed. We’re pushing ourselves in front of them using an advertising campaign. Push is different because they’re not soliciting a certain phrase to see our content, but rather we’re pushing ourselves in front of them based on their demographic settings on their account.

All that to say is it is important to have both, honestly. Direct is absolutely critical for people needing help today. Branding… Branding work is a long-term game that’s expensive (because it needs longevity), and it may provide benefits down the road. If I have a limited budget, I’m going to go with the direct. If I have a big budget, I’m going to do both. And I would only do both after doing the direct first. And that’s a pretty big budget to get to both. 

social media marketing

Social Media in a Marketing Plan

Social media includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and video platforms such as YouTube, TikTok. It also includes dating sites. There’s a lot of places where someone can consider social media. Google My Business, LinkedIn, and a lot of other social media platforms.

Creating content that will work for multiple places in order to have economy of scale is one consideration. Making compelling imagery that matches your posture and messaging and style guide are important connecting tactics to consider to use when creating content.

Social media is really good for the donor side of the marketing plan, partially because your donors are going to be your fans and support, your financial support, your prayer support, and your community for decades to come. Decades and decades. And your clients are only going to be in the client audience for a season if we’re successful because we have a goal of graduating clients from being at risk of choosing abortion to be focused on Jesus and against abortion. 

The branding concept is strongest for the audience that will be your audience for the long term, for decades. And so I would encourage you to think about using the branding tools and vehicles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, primarily as donor vehicles. And the client side is for when someone searches on those platforms, more so than being a long term favorite brand for decades as a client. 

marketing expert

Skip the Hassle and Contact to Work with the Marketing Experts

In conclusion, contact for a consultation on what you have, what you need. And we will build a plan together to go where you need to go to reach the audience that needs help and save more image bearers of God, save as many lives as possible every day. It is so important to reach this audience and rescue them from harm. Lastly, I’d like to encourage you to use our expertise. 

We are partnered with Google. Based on our experience, based on our work, we have been approved as a Google authorized partner. Contact us and let’s work together on a team to save lives, minister, help and deliver hope and healing and point to Jesus.