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This article is about reasons to pick a pro-life website designer. Choosing a pro-life website designer is essential when you have a pregnancy clinic or an organization that has this unique, God-given mission of intercepting traffic on its way to a dangerous place: the abortion clinic. Abortion clinics are where people are mutilated, destroyed, and hurt. And so, having someone on your team who can understand your mission, your values, and the God you serve is critical.

Essential Reasons to Pick a Pro-Life Website Designer

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Website Design Basics

Regarding website design, some basics are vital for building websites. It is essential to go over these basics.


So, the first thing a Christian pro-life website designer or any designer needs to know before building a website is who the audience is. They need to know who you’re trying to reach to design the frame that holds your content and your message to deliver this message in an impactful way. 


This website needs to be designed to be a part of the messaging and content delivered to the audience, built so that you will be found on Google, with your audience driven to the appropriate call to action. 

Call to Action

It needs to draw someone in towards scheduling an appointment, to click on the desired button that you want someone to click on – to achieve your mission and goals.  The call to action must be prominent. The visitor needs to be funneled to the call to action.


The right imagery also needs to be considered. When it comes to who you’re trying to reach and what they’re experiencing emotionally, the photos need to embrace where they’re at, where they want to be, and who they are.  An unplanned pregnancy is an emotion-filled scenario, and it is essential to relate to the primary audience. Considering demographics and geographically relatable backgrounds is part of the imagery selection process. When it comes to age, when it comes to skin tones, when it comes to the clothing that someone is wearing, it needs to connect to your target audience in a way that will help them feel like they are in the right place to find help. They are at the right place to find more information and stay on this page.


The colors within this website design need to reflect two general ideas. First, your branding, and second, the emotional layer within your content.  The colors need to reflect who you are, and they also need to reflect who you’re trying to reach when it comes to colors that match the content and messaging and the emotional state that someone is in when looking at this content. 

Client Focused

The imagery and colors, call to action, and content are all built to reach the audience in a way that will achieve the goal of scheduling appointments and drawing someone in to find hope, healing, and help in a counseling room.  This idea is specifically for a client-focused pregnancy clinic pro-life website.

Donor focused

A pregnancy clinic or pro-life organization will also have a donor-facing website with a different audience, different messaging, different content, and different calls to action, such as donating, volunteering, praying, getting involved, and being encouraged with success stories.

All that to say, these pieces are significant to understand, and a pro-life pregnancy clinic website designer who is seasoned in this area will help you avoid mistakes, mistakes that are commonly made by people who are new to this genre of work.


A website also needs to have the proper functionality.  Some people build their websites on WordPress, where there’s a vast library of plugins and developers and communities to build all sorts of functionality and features into a website.  Some people craft their websites on Drupal, with fewer developers, fewer options, fewer plugins, and fewer people who work in that space.  Some people build their websites on Wix, a sort of online WYSIWYG tool that doesn’t allow you to add plugins in the traditional sense that a WordPress website would.


Some build their websites using custom code, requiring significant/ongoing maintenance. Some develop their websites using one of the many CMS systems available. For, we have specifically chosen WordPress because it is fantastic. It has a community, plugins, options, and customizability.  It gives us the option to build whatever someone asks us to make. We used to build websites with Expression Engine, Drupal, Mambo, and custom builds.
We even built our own CMS called Architect. WordPress is our current recommendation and preference because it allows us to build websites in a way where clients can have whatever they ask for – accomplished. We have never come across a situation where we couldn’t say yes. WordPress has an abundance of plugins and people working on this WordPress platform, which allows us to build amazing things at a lower cost with a reasonable maintenance strategy.

Easy to Edit

Another part of a website design is that a pro-life designer must also make your website easy to edit. It needs to allow you to add content, pictures, and videos and update a form without being a developer or coder.

Login and Update

We enjoy how WordPress allows our team at to build these websites in a way that allows you to make an update in five minutes. We really can help you make an update easily in five minutes. If you’re looking to change the date of an event, update a phone number or an address, or update some text, it’s very, very easy.


Another part of a basic website design is to have the website be measurable. So, we typically use Google Analytics to add measurability to a website. Google is the forerunner when it comes to website measurements. Several parts of Google help measure sites. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Ads, and quality scores from Google are all helpful for understanding how a site is performing. Other tools that help measure how a website is doing include SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Google itself.

Professional Team

Another part of a website design team is that you need a professional team to help you build a professional website. This website has a goal of reaching abortion-vulnerable clients with a specific message, specific content, and a specific call to action. All of this is very important because clients are on the line. If we fail at this mission, it’s not that we’re not, you know, the problem with failing is that we’re going way beyond just not selling a widget.

You need a professional pro-life marketing company for this work.

The problem with failing is that someone’s life is lost – literally lost. Our passion, mission, and vision for helping you reach your goal are very close to our heart because it’s so important. I would encourage you to have a professional team working on this. Having a volunteer who is not experienced, having someone who’s done a little bit or dabbled in this area – work on this project is not a good idea because the stakes are high. The importance of this work is so high. So, having someone who is dedicated, who has years and years of experience working with hundreds of other clinics, who has devoted their professional career to this exact space is so important because the stakes are so high.

Our goal is to save as many lives as possible.

So, I would encourage you and employ you to consider these attributes when picking out a pro-life website designer who understands you, who gets you, and who can help you achieve your mission and goals and literally save as many lives as possible every day.

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Helping You Reach the Right Person at the Right Time to Choose Life

Content Marketing

So content marketing is a form of reaching the right audience on Google when someone is searching for a phrase such as abortion clinic, abortion pill near me, or abortion pill online. Content marketing is a way to reach the person who you want to talk to by writing content about these topics that will show up on Google. So when someone does that Google search, your web page will be in that search result. It will help someone find information on the topic they’re looking for and connect them with your organization, who is ready and equipped to help.

Tactics & Strategy

Now, the tactics for doing content marketing include several different pieces. This strategy or this puzzle of tactics includes several very critical pieces that all need to be linked together for us to have success. Kristina Halvorson, a content strategist, wrote a book about content strategy on the web. She told a story that went something like this.

Just imagine you’re a bear. Really. Imagine you are a bear. And as a bear, you are always hungry. So, really, imagine you’re a bear, you’re hungry, and you have a couple of options on how you can satisfy your hunger. You could go to a berry patch, forage for berries, find a berry patch, go there, and forage for berries, and sit in the sun while eating some berries. Or you could go to the river, stand in the middle of the river, and then open your mouth and wait for fish to jump in. So each of these steps, such as going to the river, standing in the middle, opening your mouth, and then waiting for fish to jump in, are all tactics. Now, if we were to do some of the tactics, let’s say we went to a field or we did not go to a river, and we just stood there, opened our mouth, and waited for fish to jump in. It won’t work. You would remain hungry.

And so, if you take out one tactic, it may result in an epic failure. And so, when it comes to content marketing, several critical pieces need to be included and weaved in for it to work. So, some tactics include having content that uses the right words based on what Google is looking for or what Google is currently showing, which will give insight into what they are looking for. And so when we write an article, we research which words to include, how it should be written, and which citations to leverage based on how Google will review our page and give it an authority score.


And so, I would just say, so having the right words, having the proper word count, having the correct formatting for SEO purposes, such as using H1 tags, H2 tags, H3 tags, H4 tags, H5 tags, including imagery, infographics, video, design components, so that the website has a positive user experience, having an outline at the beginning that uses anchor tags to link to different content sections, having citations that include links to the authoritative sources, so Google knows that we’re matching voices that are experts in the area in which we’re talking, having a citation for every medical claim that is made within an article, or any claim that came from another source, so that we can give credit to the experts and reflect that authoritative voice in Google’s eyes.

These are all part of a content strategy. Another tactic and part of the plan is to identify who we’re trying to reach, why we’re trying to reach them, and what we want them to do after we reach them so that we can achieve a business objective, a mission, a goal that is worth striving for. We utilize content, SEO, and Google Ads, both on the grant side and the cash side, to accomplish a strategy, and then we can use measurements to identify success rates, opportunities for improvement, and where work could be done next. This work is a lot of fun, and seeing the fruit of this work can get exciting if you have the right team. This work is not a school project we must do, and it’s terrible. This is an opportunity to serve God in an exciting and refreshing way to see how someone can be helped.

Our goal is to help as many people as we can, and it’s exciting. It is exciting.

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Understanding You and Your Mission

Your Backstory

Having a Christian pro-life website designer/developer/team dedicated to serving God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, by helping others who need help with a caring heart is amazing. Having someone who shares your back story, your back story of meeting Jesus, having a conversion experience, understanding what God and Jesus did for us, having common ground as a believer, sharing your values when looking at life when looking at helping others when looking at someone experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and having a heart and desire and a concern to help them in a way that pulls them out of that muck, out of that hard situation and points them towards Jesus.

Being On The Same Page

Helping someone who is hurting to find healing through Jesus. Helping someone who is desperate to find relief through Jesus. Helping someone who is broken to find restoration and support through Jesus. Being on the same page when it comes to beliefs, when it comes to faith, and values will allow this project to be amplified, to be something that goes beyond the work hours, something that goes beyond a job, something that goes beyond the norm.

It becomes someone’s internal passion. It becomes someone’s reason for getting up. For you and this website designer, it becomes a way of working together as a team to build bridges and open doors and opportunities to make a difference in this world. Then, using our technical skills, our experience, our education, our pastor’s insights, our spouse’s care, and asking people for prayer, all of this comes together to allow us to serve God on this mission. We are on a mission to honor God by rescuing image bearers of God. 

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Questions to Ask a Designer

When considering hiring a website designer, it’s good to ask several questions to understand your options and make a good choice. 

Can I afford this website designer?

I encourage you to ask questions about price, previous work, response time, referrals, passion, and back story. Regarding price, it’s good to make sure you can afford this website designer. A good website designer may be outside of your budget. A good website designer may be within your budget, especially if they share a passion and drive for life and are willing to reduce the price tag that would typically be in the marketplace to help achieve this shared mission they also have.

Will I like what this designer makes for me?

When it comes to previous work, you need to ask to see what their team has produced and make sure that you like some of their previous work.  If you like some of their previous work, they can technically build something that you will like for your website project. 

Will this designer understand my needs?

You also need to know their back story when it comes to understanding that they will understand and get you, that they will understand your audience, understand how to reach them, and will be a positive force for reaching your audience or so that someone you have to educate and constantly correct. 

Will this design firm be responsive?

Also, regarding response time, you should email them, call them, and see how long it takes to get a response. But you need someone to respond quickly in a helpful way, not to get frustrated or shuffled off as something that can be dealt with over a long time. So, you want to ensure that you get responses and that someone responds quickly. 

Then, talk to your team, experts, and people you admire, and find out their thoughts if you are unsure which website designer to pick. At, our goal is to be fast, affordable, and high quality, and we try to do these things because we have a heart for who your audience is and what you’re trying to do by rescuing, helping and offering healing and restoration to – people who are broken and in need of help.

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Avoiding a Conflict of Interest

Avoid a conflict of interest. So, hiring someone who is not a believer, who does not share your values, whose ethics are different, who may believe in a different set of rules, or who may believe differently than you can create problems. Perhaps they believe in human rights, but they don’t believe that God created people, that people need a savior, or that life is valuable. Finding someone who doesn’t agree with you could create a problem because they’re not going to have the passion that is so critical for this type of work. So, there may be a conflict of interest because the values don’t align, or there may be a conflict of interest because they would support the opposition in an abortion clinic. 

Ethics, Human Rights & Saving Lives

So, ensuring that you have someone who agrees with your values is important because the opposite can harm your project.  It could cause harm. It could mean that someone doesn’t care. And so, hiring someone who does not share your ethics, values, or beliefs is a concern if you go in that direction. We aim to help people choose life for their child and life in Jesus by accepting him as their savior.

Helping People Choose Life

Choosing life is a beautiful idea to summarize what we’re trying to accomplish here. When doing marketing that helps our audience choose life, we are doing marketing that matters. Helping people avoid destroying their offspring and ultimately meeting Jesus in a way that will draw them in a beautiful direction. Draw them towards a place where we’re built as humans; we’re built to have a relationship with God and others. I want you to know that we are on your team.

On Your Team wants to be a part of your pregnancy clinic, your pro-life organization.  We want to be on YOUR TEAM. And we find it very important and an honor to work alongside you to save as many lives as possible.

Types of Related Marketing

We aim to be as good as possible at our craft, and I wish we do not make mistakes. I wish we didn’t get tired. And at the same time, we’re going to do our very best, the best we possibly can. So, there are several types of marketing that this article could apply to.

Digital Design & Digital Ads

When it comes to building a website, hiring a team that honors your values and beliefs is important, but it also applies to someone who needs digital design for a digital app.


It also applies when someone needs a video created for YouTube or created for their article or event.  Hiring a videographer who is pro-life and a Christian is important.

Print Design

It also could apply to someone who needs print design done, whether for signage, flyers, handouts, brochures, trifles, or all of the above.  Working with a pro-life print designer will help with the messaging being designed in the best angles.

Social Media Content Design

Regarding social media content design, crafting social media images includes a great deal of messaging work.  Having someone who shares your values and beliefs will allow them to excel faster and be a strong team member who does not require constant correction

Event marketing                                                                         

Another area where this is important would be event marketing. So, for your event marketing team, it’s valuable, helpful, and great when people share your values and beliefs in a way that helps them be a stronger driving force for success.

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Having Concern for Your Audience

Having concern for your audience helps someone understand where you’re coming from and the direction you are going. So when someone’s on your team, and they share these beliefs and values, they have this common ground experience where they, too, are searching the Bible for inspiration.

They, too, understand why this is so important. They, too, will be desiring, praying, and hoping for success in reaching people to help and ultimately for abortion to be abolished, for abortion to be ended, for abortion to stop, and to ultimately save as many lives as possible every day. That’s the goal. So, having a passion for your mission is a metric we don’t normally get to ask for when it’s working on a business budget.

Pro-Life Website Designer – Free

A deep desire for you to have success because of shared values.

Normally, we simply ask, can you do it? Are you affordable? Are you good at it? But when it comes to messaging and word choice and someone’s prayer life and the spiritual warfare involved in this space, it is important to have someone passionate for your mission, which reflects their personal prayer life and beliefs. It allows someone to have a personal mission that completely coincides – that parallels, that is in your mission. That is on top of your mission; it’s going alongside it.

When your mission gets reached, their mission is reached. When their mission is reached, your mission is accomplished. Having someone with that kind of synergy or parallel direction is what is needed in this difficult spiritual warfare space. There are grants to reduce the price tag of a website. At, we offer grant-like discounts to give every pregnancy clinic access to amazing websites. We will help you build epic websites with an affordable budget. With the budget you have, to help you avoid financial incitement. Sometimes, we will build pro-life websites with a pro-life website designer for free. We will sometimes build websites for free based on someone’s need – their financial need – to help them avoid financial anxiety. We also often build discounted pregnancy clinic websites and pro-life supporter websites at a discount because we understand that it is so important that it supersedes the value of getting paid full price for building that site. We will discount our price to the point where it becomes accessible to a pro-life organization.

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Having Website Design Skills

We deeply desire you to succeed because of our shared values. When it comes to a website designer, the designer must be noted as being creative, technically sound, SEO skills, and good at wordsmithing. A website design team will often include different people who will include these skills and attributes.


So, when looking at a pro-life Christian website designer, consider if they are creative.


Are they able to technically build a functional website that accomplishes the design through code and formatting?


Does the website allow for SEO formatting and SEO work to be accomplished reasonably, in a way that is not over-time intensive, that’s not awkward or hard?


When it comes to wordsmithing, does the website designer understand you and your audience well enough to assist in choosing words and phrases that connect with your audience in a way that draws them in the right direction into this funnel toward your call to action?


Connection to Ads

Now, a website also connects with ads very closely.

Pro-Life Advertising

Pro-life advertising is critical for reaching people who don’t know about your organization. So, advertising allows you to show up in someone’s view and ultimately deliver your message to a portion of those people. A website is often where someone will go when they interact with an ad. Advertising is an essential part of a strategy, but the part it connects with – is the website. So, if an advertisement draws someone to that website, that website needs to continue pulling that person in and toward that desired call to action. And so if you have an excellent advertisement going on and your website is subpar, that could be a breaking point. Or vice versa, if you have terrible or no ads and a great website, that’s also a problem. You need to have both good ads and a good website that accomplishes each tactic’s goals in part. The ad needs to draw people to the website or to the phone number. Usually, it’s towards a page on your website. Then, that website needs to answer the question, satisfy some needs, and draw that person towards a desired call to action to reach the end of the funnel, the goal.

Google Ads

When it comes to pro-life organizations, two different types of ads are most commonly used or that are at least the best to use. There are many ads that someone can use. And those are Google Ads, both the cash version of Google Ads, where you’re spending money or credit card dollars to run ads and the grant side of Google Ads. is recognized by Google as a certified Google Partner based on’s stellar performance working with Google.

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Connection to App

Another exciting connection is an app. Here at, we can build an app that will list your website content so that it will also be available for someone to download onto their smartphone and view the content in an app. One of the reasons why we like to do this is so that a pregnancy clinic can get a backlink from the Google Play Store by having their website converted into an app, which allows us to have a link from the Google Play Store to their website, which helps when it comes to having more quality backlinks, which helps the authority score of a website, which helps Google get higher and more often against competing sites, which ultimately helps more people reach your website, which ultimately enables you to reach more women to save more lives every day.




Now that you are convinced to hire a Christian pro-life website designer to team up with, contact us to get started 🙂


Written by Jacob Barr on January 9th, 2024

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