Hush Review

I shared my review of Hush with the team that produced the film today.

“I understand that the connection between abortion and breast cancer has been branded as a controversial topic. I can understand that nobody wants to look foolish or connected to propaganda. The health related risks associated with abortion and breast cancer are measurable and scientifically observable. Hush is a documentary that brings scientific thought and opens intellectual discourse around a topic that has been silenced, mocked and squashed by a financial group. I found this film to be enlightening and I walked away from this film more prepared to discuss the topic at hand. The benefits of learning about this topic could persuade people to live healthier lifestyles with a reduced chance of getting cancer. I highly recommend watching Hush and to look for opportunities to incorporate the findings into scientific biology classes and health classes. This is an excellent source of information that promotes healthy decisions.”

  • Jacob Barr, 8-26-2016

As a perk for connecting with the production team, I have a coupon code to help promote the film.

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