Making a Difference with International Life Services at their Advanced Training Institute

International Life Services has an annual conference in Southern California called the Advanced Training Institute. This institute provides valuable educational opportunities to pregnancy center leaders. This annual educational institution provides me with an opportunity to grow in my understanding on pregnancy center topics through advanced educational seminars. Gaining new insight and creative thought to consider and think about is elemental for growing as a life minded leader. The result of attending this event over a few days is that I am able to sharpen my craft in regards to improving my ability to communicate on behalf of pregnancy center leadership teams. I come away with new and improved ideas on how to communicate with abortion minded clients, life minded donors and secondary audiences.

This year Dr. Lester and Dr. Sandoval raised the bar on intellectual discourse and advanced thought. It was remarkable! Sister Paula is very gifted and blessed to bring such a talented group of individuals together to join together and provide such an advanced educational opportunity. What strikes me about the ILS ATI is the depth of knowledge and insight that the speakers bring. The speaker bench is very deep. I am very excited that the videos from the 2016 institute will be made available to purchase, watch and share! I have several that I would like to review and pass on to bless fellow prolife friends.

Learning about the power of forgiveness from Dr. Sandoval and learning about the brain from Dr. Lester were the educational highlights for me in 2016.

The personal highlights at this conference are a joy and blessing. Sharing meals with life minded leaders allows for stories to be shared and ideas to be born from the discourse around potatoes and coffee. I am a big fan of talking when the conversation happens and new creative thoughts are formed – as if ideas were bouncing back and forth between 2 people leading us to a new concept that was made possible by the unique recipe of participants.

Hugging old friends and meeting new people – events like this are important because of the people. is blessed to have the opportunity to serve International Life Services by creating their current website and making updates to it for the ILS team. We count it an honor to work side by side with such a wonderful team.


Jacob Barr
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