Speaking Up for the Unborn Book Review

Speaking Up for the Unborn is a new book that tackles very low engagement of a church in prolife ministry. Mike Brady and Neil Travisano share several practical ideas to connect the church to prolife ministry. These steps are organized to assist in increasing awareness, which leads to building the church’s appetite for greater involvement. The graduated steps provide ideas to continue to grow the prolife position of the church in a gracefully slow and persistent manner.

The book successfully connects sharing the gospel of Jesus to save souls with the life minded work to save preborn and families.

The book lays out do’s and don’ts in regards to demeanor. I appreciate the book promoting ideas that align with the fruit of the spirit which the church will appreciate.

Based on my experience in prolife ministry, I think the ideas for the church found in this book are an excellent resource for people who would like to increase their church’s involvement in prolife ministry.

The amount of information collected and provided through this book is astounding. I especially enjoyed reading the sermon outlines and sermon notes for presenting prolife ideas from a pulpit or chalkboard.

I would recommend reading Speaking Up for the Unborn to life minded people who are called by God to save the unborn. May the desire to save lives and souls grow and spread.


Jacob Barr
Jacob Barr is the owner and CEO of iRapture.com.
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