A Successful Eletter in Four Easy Steps

You want to increase your brand awareness and traffic on your website. You have toyed with the idea of sending out an e-letter, but are not really sure where to begin. That’s okay! Eletters are simple to create and send, especially when you have the professionals at iRapture.com to help you!

It really comes down to four easy steps:

STEP 1: Your Message

What do you want to say? Even if you are just are reaching out to say ‘hello,’ it is important for your message to be simple, clear, and interesting. It needs to stand out from all the other emails your customer receives on a daily basis in addition to being relevant to his or her needs. It sounds like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why iRapture.com has a professional writer to help you craft the perfect statement for your e-letter.

STEP 2: Your Design

It is not enough anymore to just have a good message: you need an excellent design. EletterThe design you choose can have a significant impact on the way your message is received. Our staff can work with you to find the right colors, pictures, fonts, and organization to make your design attractive and engaging.

STEP 3: Your Contacts

Alright, you have a gorgeous e-letter all ready for sending, but do you have an email list? Contact lists are easy to create and maintain. iRapture.com can help your mine appropriate email addresses to build your list and broaden your customer base.

STEP 4: Send It

Do you want to send your e-letter out now? Or next month? Or in six months? We can set that up. That’s it! That is all there is to e-letters. E-letters are a fantastic way to engage new customers, keep old customers coming back, and to drive up traffic on your website. Visit us at iRapture.com to read more about our e-letter services. You can sign up for our eletter here, to keep in touch and see examples of our eletter work.


Jacob Barr
Jacob Barr is the owner and CEO of iRapture.com.
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