It is good to celebrate when you have reason to celebrate!

Smart pro-life pregnancy center directors gathered together to celebrate, break bread, and also to learn together and reflect on ideas shared by experts from across the country. The Advanced Training Institute is a place for in depth and advanced education for pregnancy center directors and teams.

Beyond growing stronger and smarter with fellowship and education, we also had a reason to celebrate. A few weeks ago the Supreme Court made a decision that benefits all pregnancy centers. A ruling of freedom helps support the freedom of speech of pregnancy centers (and professional organizations) Here is a photo of Tom Glessner with NIFLA with several people from the International Life Services Advanced Training Institute celebrating with him on the reunion of his 39th birthday.

Tom is a Freedom of Speech Hero and Champion for Pregnancy Centers!

celebrate - pro-life community banquet

On the left: Joan Batista, Mary Helen Russell, Betty McGuire’s grandson Joseph Steiner, Sr. Paula Vandegaer, Jacob Barr

On the right (from the back forward): Sr. Beth Momburg, Tom Glessner, Dan Mansuetto, Susan Duffy

Photo taken by Betty McGuire