With Roe V Wade being overturned after 49 years, 5 months and 2 days, we are in the year of Jubilee.  We are literally in the 50th year – in the 50th year of Roe V Wade – and it has been overturned!

This is the year for JUBILANT stories.  This is the year for continued prayer and answered prayer.  This is the year for pro-life Christians to run for local politics. 

My name is Jacob Barr, and I am the producer of The ProLife Team Podcast.  I would enjoy sharing some amazing stories that I discovered through a few of our episodes so far.


Story of Answered Prayer

In Episode 1 of The ProLife Team Podcast, we explored an amazing story of answered prayer.  The current Executive Director Lori Devilez and her team had opened a pregnancy clinic in Austin Texas a few months earlier in this story.

The phone rings.  Lori answers the phone.  A client is on the phone and she explains that her baby has had water for a few days and that she is in desperate need of formula.  Lori didn’t have any formula, but Lori says, ‘Come on in and we will provide you with formula.’

Lori did not go visit Walmart or Walgreens to pick up some formula.  Instead, her team took this need to prayer.  The team came together and started to pray.  They prayed for God to provide formula and while they were praying – someone knocked at the door.

Someone from the Health Department pulled up and was at their door.  Normally it is not good to have someone from the Health Department at your door!  So Lori answers the door and the lady from the Health Department asks Lori if they could use some formula.  Lori is elated.  She says, ‘We were just praying for formula.  You have formula?’  The lady from the Health Department says, ‘we have a van full of formula – for you.’

It turns out that the formula was from the post office! Formula samples that are mailed to new parents who have moved, can get returned to the post office.  The post office was storing all of these samples in a large bin and throwing it away.  Then this lady from the Health Department saw it, knew it was expensive and decided to see if someone could use it.   And so this pregnancy clinic in Austin received formula for all of their clients who needed formula when they prayed for formula for the first client to ask for formula.  

You can hear this entire story from Lori in Episode 1 of The Pro Life Team Podcast.  This story is an encouragement as our God is the God who feeds thousands from a boy’s lunch.  This is a story of loaves and fishes feeding thousands.  This is the year of stories, prayer, encouragement and praising God.

Local Pro-Life Politics

This is the year when states regained power to create laws to protect life in the earliest stages without being severely limited by Roe V Wade.  Each state has regained the power to pass laws to govern abortion within their state.  This is empowering local state politicians.  Local politicians include Senators and school board members along with every office in between.  Each local political office can have a new impact on life-giving decisions surrounding life and abortion in our local communities.

In Episode 46 of The ProLife Team Podcast, I interviewed Louis Barnett.  Louis has worked in the political arena of the prolife world by creating prolife voting guides in California.  In our podcast together, Louis talked about the need for pro-life people to consider running for local political office.  It is important for those who are strongly prolife to consider running for local political office.  If you are firmly prolife and willing to learn how to govern, now is the time to start praying about running for local politics. Your prolife voice will have greater impact under the Dobbs decision.

For many good people, politics in general is an undesirable destination much like Nineveh.  So, it is true that Nineveh is an undesirable place to go – and in fact is a dangerous place to go.  If you stop and pray and ask God – “What would you have me do here?” – you  may find that He is calling you into a position to influence policy for Him – bringing your life affirming lens to shape local policies.

The Dobbs case has welcomed us into a new era of local pro-life political power making room for life-giving policies in each local community across the country.

With The Pro Life Team Podcast, we share stories from pro-life leaders across the country. For example:

  • PHC directors, 
  • Doctors and nurses, 
  • Pastors and priests, 
  • Politicians, 
  • Business leaders, 
  • Comedians and speakers, 
  • Videographers and more. 

On the podcast we share new life-saving ideas, encourage pro-life leaders, and give God the glory in the pro-life movement.  

This is the year for JUBILANT stories of changed lives, answered prayers, and pro-life politics.