Making a Difference with Care Pregnancy Resource Center in Visalia, CA

I was honored to have the opportunity to design with Jessica and Brenda at Care Pregnancy Resource Center. After working on the design with Jessica it was exciting to receive an email from her saying, “The website looks perfect!!! Go ahead and finalize please!!!! We are going to wait on the text me button for right now if that’s ok!!! Thank you for everything!!!!”

I am proud to be a part of their marketing team. The website is awesome. I especially enjoy the clean design and how the photos help tell a story to the visitor. For example, I like the image of a couple that only shows the couple’s sneakers and shows the young woman on her tippy toes, perhaps to reach the young man to give him a kiss. The tag line on top of this photo extends the story by saying, “Pregnant? You have options. Call 559-625-5550”

I spoke with Alyce with Care Pregnancy Resource Center today to see how the site is performing and working and she said, “I think the biggest thing that we have seen with the change since we updated it – is the quick contact form.” She went on to say, “We have gotten appointments from people using the quick contact form where they can fill it out for an appointment and we call them back.”

Today at, we are praying for Care Pregnancy Resource Center in Visalia California. We are praying that Care Pregnancy Resource Center will be able to reach the women at risk of having an abortion and who need pregnancy counseling in 93277 and at Central Valley Christian, Tulare Union High School, Tulare Western High School, Mission Oaks High School, Sequoia High School and Charter Alternatives Academy.


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