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RO has 4 locations located in Northern California. These 4 locations are within 36 minutes or less to 25 colleges and 133 high schools. The amount of people that RO is able to help is awesome. We started working with Donna in 2012 and we have built 5 websites with her over the past 4 years.

It is an amazing privilege to have the opportunity to work with RO and be a part of their marketing team to help reach women at these schools and local residents find loving, compassionate, life-minded help.

RO’s patient website is designed to draw clients into the counseling room. Our goal is to have people, at risk of choosing abortion, walk through the door way of a counseling room to find free services provided by loving staff with life giving advice.

I have seen RO rise as a leader in the pregnancy center world as I have seen them try new design concepts and videography ideas and invest into new creative marketing ideas. After they have blazed a new trail, I have seen other centers appreciate what they have done and then emulate or copy portions of what RO created from scratch. RO is a recipe maker.

I would like to share my favorite bit of text on their client site with you. On the 4th slide on the homepage it says “Pregnant? You have time…be informed. We don’t charge for the choice you make.” I really like this text. This text is overlaid on top of a picture of a young woman talking with a young medical staff member in her blue medical scrubs. I think this is an incredible statement designed to draw someone in to talk. The portion ‘You have time…be informed’ works well to communicate ‘slow down – think – learn – make a decision that you will be proud of – a decision that you will enjoy in your future’. Asking someone to slow down and take the time they need is a sincere way of expressing care.


Selling is an interesting concept if you step back and look at how it can be used. Obviously products and services are sold. Interestingly, ideas are also promoted and sold. Selling someone on the love of Christ is important – people still go door to door to share Jesus. At a pregnancy center, influential free services are also sold which leads to the opportunity to share valuable life changing ideas. According to Dave Ramsey in his book EntreLeadership, it is important to qualify a lead, build rapport, provide educational information and then the deal will often close naturally. When I look at the phrase, “Pregnant? You have time…be informed. We don’t charge for the choice you make.” I can see the brilliance shared by Dave Ramsey in this wording to draw someone in that needs help and showing that we are interested in building rapport and providing the information they need to make the best decision. The fact that donors have given their money and time to make these services free is a testimony that the community cherishes and supports the work being done. Pregnancy centers are awesome all around.


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P.S. Do you need help qualifying leads, building rapport, and providing education and letting the rest happen naturally?


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