Praise for NIFLA

Recently the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers in NIFLA vs. Becerra. The justices ruled that California law violated our first amendment rights to freedom of speech. This ruling by the Supreme Court is a victory worth celebrating. Pregnancy centers and people everywhere have been blessed by the efforts of Tom Glessnor and his team to secure this outcome. It feels really good to see the Supreme Court support pregnancy center’s right to communicate. However, in the shadow of this decision, the opposition has not retreated. The opposition is more like a hornet’s nest knocked off its perch and smashed onto the concrete and now the swarm is looking to attack for any reason.

Instead of going into detail in this eletter on what the opposition can attack, we would like to talk directly to someone on your team to discuss what needs to be evaluated to make the necessary changes to your website to ensure your center is not vulnerable to getting stung with a lawsuit.

NIFLA has provided information about strengthening pregnancy center websites in regards to messaging, content, and legal language. We would like to make sure your site is strong in these areas. Please contact us so we can go over the items that need to be evaluated based on insight from NIFLA’s team.

Please do not share this eletter on facebook or any where else as we do not want the opposition to catch wind of any opportunities to “sting someone”. If you think someone would benefit from hearing about this, please let me know and I will contact him or her directly.




Jacob Barr
[email protected]
520 777-1895